Profiting from Inefficiencies in International Small Caps


Radin Capital Partners specializes in international/global small-capitalization equities with a focus on classic opportunistic value investing. We are an independent and employee-owned investment management firm that strives to generate outstanding capital appreciation over the long term.

We serve institutional asset allocators, manager-of-managers and other institutional investors who prioritize performance and wish to prudently exploit market inefficiencies.


Radin Capital believes that one of the most inefficient areas in the global investment universe – with its bigger opportunity set, cheaper valuations, better growth potential, poor coverage and less liquidity – is international/ global small-cap equities. We specialize in this niche asset class and strive to exploit pricing inefficiencies over the long term.

Repeatable alpha is our goal. We prefer small cap over large, value over growth, bottom-up over top-down, long term over short, fundamental analysis over technical, and concentrated portfolios.


Brad Radin

Brad Radin, CFA, BSc, HBA, MBA
Founding Partner and CIO, Radin Capital Partners

Joseph Fei

Joseph Fei, BA, MA, CFA
Partner – Portfolio Manager & Senior Analyst

Yoon Chung

Yoon Chung, HBA
Equity Analyst

Jonathan Siu

Jonathan Siu, BBA
Equity Analyst

Carmela Jones

Carmela Jones
Accounting Manager